What is Flipcardmarketing?

Flipcardmarketing is a revolutionary new online advertising method. It is a means of promotion that encourages the consumer to actively engage with the advertising message as presented by the company. The consumer takes part in a short contest and could win a prize.

Flipcardmarketing enables a commercial to start an effective Flipcardcampaign on its own website and/or commercial Facebook App. Flipcardmarketing guarantees that an ad is verifiably read. On top of that, every participant in the Flipcardcampaign will be rewarded with a discount or incentive. Through this playful promotion, commercial will be actively stimulated!

Flipcardmarketing does not approach people as passive consumers but as potential winners. Even though the prize on offer will be won by only one contestant, it will encourage hundreds of interested consumers to read the advertisement. Only messages that have been verifiably read (this is checked immediately afterwards by a multiple choice question) will be eligible to win the prize. All Flipcardcampaigns can be followed real-time and offer the user many possibilities.
The innovating factor is that an advertisement is never forced on a consumer. He or she is actively searching and thus interested in the information on offer. The consumer will thus remember it better.

This improves the positive effect and chance of a purchase on your website or at your bricks and mortar shop. Flipcardmarketing is a win-win situation for entrepreneur and consumer. Flipcardmarketing is an ideal tool for: branding, advertising and PR commercial es, independent entrepreneurs, web shops and bricks and mortar shops.